Customs Commissioner Alberto Lina has never divested himself of his business interests and instead used his position to ease out his competitors to allegedly amass and corner multibillion-peso contracts for his companies that have direct dealings with the bureau, ignoring accusations of clear conflict of interest, according to lawyer Harry Roque Jr. , a congressman-elect under the Kabayan party-list.
Lina is now facing charges of plunder, graft and corruption, criminal conflict of interest, dishonesty, grave abuse of power and criminal neglect lodged with the Ombudsman and Manila courts, said Roque, lawyer for Annabelle Margaroli, authorized representative of Omniprime Marketing Inc., a competitor of Lina’s E-Konek Pilipinas Inc.

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  1. Pag napatunayan Pagbayarin n mga iyan sa kanilang kasalanan sa bayan. Para wag pamarisan at kafalaa ng susunod na mga manunungkulan sa bayan