The time when a woman experiences their monthly period is one of the times that men are most terrified the most. It is because of the fact that women tend to be sensitive and moody when they have their period. 

Now, here are the lists of the things that men and women should not do when someone has their period. 

1. Unprotected interc*urse
When a couple decides to have an interc*urse, they are increasing the chances of getting an infection. 

2. Don't skip meals
You are already losing energy as you are having a discharge, it is important to recharge by taking a complete meal.

3. Keep away from doing physcial works
This could lead to having severe pain in the stomach or in the back. 

4. Do not consume fast food
This is a really bad idea since the food here is filled with cholesterol.

5. Stay up all night
You should take time to rest at night. Try to play some soothing sounds to have a good night sleep. 

Important reminder:
As much a possible, avoid drinking water with ice. It could lead you to cysts and cancer as the menstrual blood remains in the uterine wall. 

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