President-elect Rodrigo Duterte only wanted to be “consistent with his principles on austerity” and “be fair” to Vice President-elect Leni Robredo that’s why he will hold his inauguration ceremony separate from hers. Christopher ‘Bong’ Go, special asistant to the president-elect and member of the inaugural committee, offered this explanation late Wednesday (June 15) evening as regards to their camp’s decision to veer away from tradition. Must watch!

In a statement, Go said the incoming president will take his oath of office in Malacañang in a “simple yet meaningful” inaugural celebration on June 30, 2016. Only a limited number of slots are given to his family, friends, and invited guests from Congress, judiciary, and the diplomatic corps. Such arrangement was “intended to cause the least disruption in public,” Go added, which would be unfair to the Vice President-elect as it would restrict her from inviting more guests and supporters to her own inauguration. “We believe that Leni Robredo’s family and supporters who worked hard for her deserve also to be present to celebrate her victory. And this can only be possible through a separate inauguration,” Go said.

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