CEBU CITY–A Cebu-based organization composed of both media and non-media members was shocked by the statement of President-elect Rodrigo Duterte that corrupt journalists deserved to be killed.

In a statement posted on its website on Thursday, the Cebu Citizens-Press Council said that while the statement was expected from a political leader who won on a platform of killing criminals and crime suspects, Duterte’s statement about killing corrupt journalists still shocked the members.

“Because it demolishes any hope the incoming president will abandon the gospel of death he preached in his campaign and adhere to the rule of law when he assumes office,” explained Pachico Seares, executive director of CCPC.

He said most journalists recognize corruption as a major ill plaguing the media industry.
“But for the President-elect to encourage murder as solution assaults the oath he took as a lawyer, as mayor, and soon as president of the country. And that oath is to uphold the law,” he added.
The CCPC is a Securities and Exchange Commission-registered non-government organization that helps to protect press freedom, enhance the sense of accountability of journalists, and shape public opinion on media issues.

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