The Foundation for the Economic Freedom (FEF) is urging the president-elect Rodrigo Duterte to implement a national identification card to enhance the law and order in the country. 

“We also call on the incoming Duterte administration to work with Congress to immediately pass a national ID system bill that would not only provide each Filipino with an official government ID, but also address serious and valid concerns with respect to security, integrity and privacy of personal information,” said the FEF in a statement

This is a card that would really testify that  a person is truly a Filipino. A national ID System would eventually bring improvement to the public services and the governance of the system. 

“Presently, numerous Filipinos, many of whom are poor or live in far-flung areas, do not have official birth certificates registered with the NSO/PSA, and therefore suffer from lack of access to public and private services requiring birth certificates,”FEF added. 
Source: Kami

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