The public has tuned to Duterte's speech at Davao City with businessmen yesterday, June 25, 2016. Still one of the major focus of his speech is fighting hard the drugs and related crimes in the country. Previously, he stated his expression of bringing back the death penalty for major crimes including drug-related crimes. Human Rights advocate can be recalled to vehemently oppose the idea. But the President-elect stated in his speech that they should not intervene. 

Former Chief of the Commission on Human Rights Senator Leila De Lima was one of those who stood up against this proposition and has strongly warned Duterte. She questioned about Duterte's links to the Davao Death Squad and his alleged resorting into extrajudicial killings.

But during the speech, Duterte specially mentioned the former Justice Secretary saying "If De Lima does not shut her mouth, I will kill her--with love. Kung pumayag siya, I don't know,". He said that if the government would not do something about drugs, seven years from now, the country will turn into a narco-politics state. But this will not be possible if the authorities are the ones behind it. He plans to institute a revamp in the Philippine National Police because of this. 

He warns everyone linked to drug syndicates saying, "Do not destroy my country because I will kill you. Do not destroy my children because I will kill you...Itong mga mayors sa Pilipinas who are into drugs, I will catch up with you. At pag nagkita tayo, if we meet in one corner, then I don't know. Wina-warningan ko kayo, lalo na yang mga nandiyan na sa gobyerno," he added. 

Source: ABS-CBN

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