It's really hard to commute going to your school or job when riding a jeep then going to the LRT-2. Even though summer has already ended, the presence of heat is still there.

And it doesn't stop there since not all jeepney vehicles are air conditioned, hardly is it that others have. To add to that, inside the LRT-2 building is also hot and cramped.

It's really hard considering it is the most busiest day of the week, the commuters are so many you can barely breathe fresh air. What's more, other ticket machines are malfunctioning, giving you a hard time.

Then there's the stairs and of course, the air conditioned train that sometimes when you're inside it doesn't feel air conditioned.  However, members of the Philippines Youth Choir decided to inspire our daily commute and had a special performance that made everyone happy!

Last Friday, the PYC went with the flow of the passengers, pretending to be passengers themselves. It was said that they were an ongoing music camp organized by the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP), Cultural Exchange Department and the Philippines Madrigal Singers.

Stating that their mob was their way of inspiring the public to "participate in art making and appreciation".

Watch their amazing performance below!

Source: ABS-CBN

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