Affection is a numerous amazing things. LOVE vanquishes all. LOVE moves in strange ways.

Love... Love... Love... Be that as it may, what might you think will transpire if the adoration for your life will be gone until the end of time?

Separating is the hardest part of the relationship. After how long of being as one, it will simply wind up having separate ways. After all the battles and trials that you have been through, you will live being separated from each other. It is truly hard, isn't that so?

That is the reason a man from Huai'an City, China improperly implores her better half out in the open to please not to abandon him.

The man got down on the floor as he was holding the leg of his girlfriend while saying "Please, don't leave me."

You may watch the video here:

The man does not think about what the general population may say in regards to him. His significant concern is to win the heart of the young lady he cherishes the most. 

As accomplices, you ought to know your obligations, when to talk and when to tune in. A relationship is a give and take process. A decent relationship is not by fate, you ought to apply endeavors and strive to accomplish it. It is not simply Love.. Love... Love...

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