Congressperson Panfilo "Ping" Lacson bolsters President-choose Rodrigo Duterte's battle against unlawful medications by giving his unused crusade assets to law authorities or policemen who catch or catch drug identities. 

Representative Lacson reported in an instant message that the methodology of the approaching president is a "reasonable show of his determination to end a scourge that has developed to disturbing extents lately."

In a text message, Lacson, who was a senator from 2001 to 2013 and won a seat again in the May 9 elections, said Duterte’s strategy was a
Lacson, who was also a senator back in 2001 to 2013 and a comebacking senator again in the 17th Congress said that he is in full support of Davao City mayor’s approach to accomplish his vow during his campaign provided that the law enforcement authorities stay within the boundaries of the rule of law in carrying out his future orders.

The senator emphasized that the police should not be motivated by the reward alone to accomplish their obligation but “by an unequivocal compliance with the President’s directive, not to mention their mandate to perform their sworn duty to protect the people and maintain a peaceful and orderly society.”

He said that he is willing to go an extra mile as support by contributing “whatever unspent campaign contributions I still have to his pool of funds if only to underscore the importance of a concerted all-out war against drugs.”

He added that he still have to verify with his campaign finance manager the amount of money he still currently has.

Meanwhile, Senator Vicente Sotto, who aspires to get the senate presidency seat, likewise supports Duterte’s fight on drugs.

Sotto said that he can do “(w)hatever it takes to take down the scourge of illegal drugs.”

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