Presumptive president elect Rodrigo Duterte announce that he’s planning to auctioned off the Presidential Yatch BRP Ang Pangulo, it stirred quite a buzz in social media but the Navy has a different reaction.

On a press conference Armed Forces of the Philippines spokesperson Brig. Gen. Restituto Padilla said the issue had not been discussed at the military level but the selling of the Presidential Yatch will have to follow the process for disposing of government and military assets. This procedures was placed to prevent unnecessary disposal of any military assets and an evaluation committee would be created to determine if such a sale was necessary.

“We have a procedure for disposing of military or government assets as prescribed by law. These regulations are in place to ensure that needed assets are not unnecessarily disposed of,” Padilla said.

“When the President or Commander in Chief assumes office, it is believed he is among the busiest persons in our land. Hence, his time is very, very important,” the AFP spokesperson said.

Padilla said the issue of selling the Ang Pangulo was still “speculative” since the incoming president could change his mind after listening to advice from different quarters.

“The disposal of assets is a very defined procedure. This is in due regard of the value of the asset that is being utilized, and the amount of money that can be taken out of it for other purposes,” he said.

He added that although certain assets served a purpose, they didn’t fetch a high price due to depreciation.

Padilla noted that instead of selling such assets, these were sometimes still used because “it serves a bigger purpose in comparison to the depreciated value that it will sell for.”

The BRP Ang Pangulo was acquired in 1959 by the Philippine government as part of war reparations from Japan. Its first CIC was President Carlos Garcia.

Source: Newsinfolearn

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