Duterte's issues against the media, Catholic Church and criticisms of his 'whistling' matter have been the talk of the country. Because of that, it resulted some to tell him to act more presidential.
Even if Duterte has yet to officially handle the office, Prof. Edmund Tayao said his solid stance on discipline seemed to work. But said that Duterte should stay true to his slogan, "change is coming".

It is a fact that we can see the people starting to change, that may have been because of our surroundings also started to change. Still, Tayao said, "hindi pwedeng isang sektor lang o isang side lang iyung mag-adjust".

That President-elect Rodrigo Duterte should also change his attitude of the tough-talking he has become accustomed to during mayoral days in Davao. The professor said:

Tayao says that 'change' should start from Duterte! Why? Must Watch

He concludes that he puts his trust on Duterte's advisers to help Digong become more "presidentiable". Though Duterte promised that he will change, calling it as him undergoing "metamorphosis" when he officially takes his oath.

"I am not the president (yet). Mamaya na, maghintay kayo. I'm really a rude person. I'm enjoying my time as a rude person. I am not the president. If I die tomorrow, what are they talking about?"

"But when I become a president, when I take my oath of office, if you want, I will conduct (myself) more in keeping with the dignity of the office, ibang istorya 'yan. But I'm not (yet) the president."

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  1. we kaya cila patumpik2 sila kc may hadlang at ang mga humahadlang ay nsa high ranking pa ng ating bansa at isa pa gagawa man sila ng hakbang na naayon sa batas cila pa ang kakasuhan kc nga ang nag protikta at nasa itaas at nakakulimbat ng malaking halaga..... ngayon kay Mayor my basbas mula sa kanya para maipatupad laban sa mga pasaway......