It is a normal happening that a woman bleeds every month. It is the time of the month where the person gets affected not only physically but emotionally as well. 

It usually lasts for 5-7 days per month. But during that period, the woman could be moody or sensitive. 

There is a scientific and biological process on why the woman acts that way. Men are lucky that they don't have to deal with this situation. But despite the fact that this would not happen to them, they have to deal with women on their red days. n

Here are some of the things that men should do whenever someone they know is having their menstruation

1. Be sure to extend your patience and try to understand what they are going through every month. 

2. Never forget to compliment the woman about her positive traits. 

3. Lessen her chores by helping her out in the house. 

4. Let her feel that you are there for her. 

5. This is the best time to make sure that that she is desired and love by the people around her. 

6. Never show disgust on what they have. 

7. Always prepare her a nice meal.

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