Two employees of the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology in Negros Island tested positive for illegal drug use during a random drug test Tuesday. 

BJMP Regional Director Jail Senior Superintendent Herman Grande called on all jail wardens and personnel from the region for a random drug test.  A total of 150 jail wardens and personnel submitted their urine samples for the test.

BJMP informed ABS-CBN News Tuesday afternoon that two personnel tested positive for illegal drug use. They, however, did not release any additional information about the two personnel, who may face dismissal from service. 

Grande said it is important for their personnel to be drug free to make sure that they are not into illegal activities. Meanwhile, the jail wardens also gathered all contraband confiscated inside their respective district jails. Confiscated SIM cards will be forwarded to the intelligence department, while deadly weapons will be disposed.

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