Many have lauded yesterday's surprise drug testing within the Philippine National Police. This is in line with Duterte's aggressive campaign against drugs which he also revealed that the druglords have police alliances. 

The newly appointed PNP chief also took the mandatory drug testing. In an interview, he didn't hesitate to say that anyone who tested positive for illegal drugs will lose their jobs. ""Automatic, matatanggal sa serbisyo," he said. 

Earlier that day, with less than 24 hours of his assuming into office, he called on policeman to surrender within 48 hours. “This has to stop right now or I will stop you from enjoying your evil life. I promise you, change is coming include your birthday, which will be changed to November 2,” he added. He said that he will be relentless in cleansing the PNP. 

Meanwhile, government officials who will result to positive for use of illegal drugs will undergo isciplinary/administrative proceedings with a penalty of dismissal from the service. This is according to Memorandum Circular No. 13 issued by the Civil Service Commission in 2010.

Duterte and Dela Rosa had been fighting drugs in Davao City since 1986.
Source: GMA

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