Why a few connections wind up with separations? One of the primary reasons is that it is possible that either of them have no time with each other. Time is critical in keeping up a concordant relationship as both needs to allocate enough, sensible and quality time. Without it, the association between the two will be useless. 

We experience posts in Facebook telling stories of despairing, yet this one is altogether different and peculiar. There was this FB client named Daa Dao, who posted a photograph together with a person. The subtitle uncovered the portrayal of a person who asserted by the young lady that he was her ex-sweetheart. Notwithstanding that, the motivation behind why they were as one that time was that his present sweetheart was occupied with his work. This sudden reason of the young lady made the Netizens stunned and in the long run share the said post to different clients, as well.

Do you think this post is real? If that is so, good thing that both of them are in good terms after they broke up and looking forward that her current boyfriend will not get jealous and aware of that the girl has posted.

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Source: Facebook

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