Many of us were able to hear some scary stories since we were young. Aside from that, a few of us grew up watching certain horror television series and movies. Surprisingly, a lot of us had the horror genre our favorite. That is exactly the reason why the belief of ghosts and supernatural elements has been very famous.

One of the most viral videos of an alleged ghost appearance is a post that we saw online. A CCTV recording showed a man in a motorcycle stopped by an apparition of a white lady. The rider closely observed and confirmed what he saw. The tension and terror succumbed him, when the alleged lady ghost appeared again very quickly and was lost by a light.

You may watch this video if you have enough courage:

Whether this video shows true ghost or not, it is not bad to believe and respect the elements which we think are supernatural. There are experiences wherein people didn't mind about them and were allegedly disturbed by them. So, it's better to be safe than sorry.

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Sources: Facebook / Posade

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