Before it was John Glen Arao-Arao, labeled as the most needed carnapper, who surrendered himself to the police in fear of Duterte. Presently numerous escapees have been likewise doing likewise with the same reason. 

Take Mandaue City's most wanted drug pusher, for occasion. Named Pablito Loberanis, an inhabitant of Barangay Paknaan, a known drug pusher has turned himself in. Alongside his weapon, ammo and a little sachet of suspected shabu.

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In an interview, Loberanis said that his reason for surrendering is because of being afraid to the administration of President-elect Duterte. At that time, Duterte was actually in a nearby restobar in Mandaue City, having a private meeting with businessmen and political leaders.

The "change" have truly come as many have surrendered and developments have been improving. Even Mandaue City Police Officer chief Senior, Supt. Jonathan Cabal describe how the people in the city have been heeding to Duterte's call to curb criminality and illegal drugs.

Let us all hope that not only the people in Mandaue but the whole country would feel the same, and that we should unite for the better of the Philippines future.
Source: ABS-CBN

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