Ever since, many posts on Facebook, videos from Youtube and other social media sites showed how cru3l other people are to animals. Though some say its for "business", you can never really just accept the animal cru3lty they display.

So when a video was posted on Facebook, about a man saving a dolphin from the shore back to the ocean. Netizens were really happy and amazed that there are still a few who actually save animals and not neglect them.

It was such an inspiring act of kindness that we should learn from and also be genuine in helping them, not just for the sake of being told to. After all, the number of endangered animals have increased, you never know what animal is next.

That's why we should always be appreciative to the environment around us and animals in the Earth. So that we may live untroubled and in peace.

Watch the video below!

Source: Facebook

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