The vice presidential candidate Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr. is waiting for a quick resolution of its filed complaint versus the IT staffs of Smartmatic and the Commission on Elections on its violations of the Cybercrime Law.

Marcos' campaign adviser, Rep. Jonathan dela Cruz, pointed out that the Comelec and Smartmatic faculty had conceded that they made changes to the programming of the transparency server utilized for the May 9 decisions.
“Simple lang naman ang kasong ito kasi dalawang tanong lang yan. Did you tinker with the system and they admitted that they made changes with the system…,” said De la Cruz. “Since they admitted that they made changes with the system the next question is did you have any kind of authority to tinker with the system?”

De la Cruz said Comelec and Smartmatic have no power to make changes with the system, making them obligated for infringement of the Cybercrime Law.

He additionally cited that the respondents has deceived the prosecutors when they said in their counter-affidavits that their mediation in the transparency server was not illegal.

"By so doing, respondents are attempting to mislead this Honorable Office thru technical illustrations irrelevant to the present controversy," cited De la Cruz.

His camp had documented cybercrime charges against Smartmatic staffs Marlon Garcia, technical support team member; Elie Moreno, project director; Mauricio Herrera, and Neil Banigued technical support.

Another involved in the transparency server issue that was charged are Comelec IT member Rouie Penalba, Nelson Herrera and Frances Mae Gonzalez.

It was Penalba who started the adjustment in the programming without telling and requesting for the Comelec's approval, said De la Cruz.

Source: Inquirer

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