Dismissed by the Supreme Court (SC) Ely Pamatong's request to nullify the 16 million votes obtained by President elect Rodrigo Duterte in the last election.

The statement also Pamatong's petition to stop the proclamation Duterte.

For the magistrate, the petitioner failed to demonstrate sufficient merit for such a request.

Moot and academic also said prevention proclamation because last month proclaimed by the National Board of Canvassers (NBOC) elect the president.
Pamatong in his appeal said that Duterte couldn't be the following president of the nation as "he is a previous criminal prosecutor." 

He said that Duterte is more terrible than serial executioners for killing pretty much than 1,700 guiltless persons additional judicially and for vowing to keep on killing numerous all the more once he climbs to the administration. 

Pamatong expected that Duterte's guarantee to break down the Congress, will disassemble the Philippine government's tripartite framework that "will result to the establishment of a much deadlier kind of Marcos Dictatorship"  and will wreck majority rules system. 

Duterte was announced president last May 30 after he won the May 9 surveys via avalanche. He collected 16.6 million votes, an edge of more than 6 million votes over his nearest equal, Manuel Roxas II. 

Pamatong documented his application papers for president for the third time in October 2015 however was precluded by the Commission on Elections.

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